Pregnancy Osteopathy

Mums-to-be experience lots of hormonal changes, postural changes and ligament softening during their pregnancy. This means they might suffer from muscle and joint strains and stresses commonly resulting in back or pelvic pain.

During Pregnancy

You will receive a thorough consultation and gentle examination, and your osteopath will then explain what is happening with your body and why you are having your symptoms. If your osteopath feels you could benefit from treatment, they will perform gentle hands on treatment. They will make sure you feel comfortable with the techniques they would like to use.

Osteopathic treatment can help you feel more comfortable and move more easily so you can carry on enjoying the rest of your pregnancy.

If your osteopath feels a relaxing massage may benefit you, they will refer you to our specialised pregnancy massage therapist. Some women just like to treat themselves to a safe massage during their pregnancy, which our specialist massage therapist is happy to accommodate.

Postnatal Osteopathy

After your pregnancy, your body has to work harder to look after your new baby as well as recovering. You will be doing a lot more regular bending, lifting and carrying of your little one. Osteopathy treatment can help support your body during this lovely but physically demanding time. We also offer postural advice on feeding, holding and lifting your child to help keep you as healthy as possible and so you can avoid straining your body.

How many sessions will I need for pregnancy related aches and pains?

This depends on your particular symptoms and how well your body is managing to adapt during your pregnancy. Some women only need 2-3 sessions for their initial problem, some decide to return monthly for ‘maintenance’ sessions, and some just book an extra couple of sessions when they are nearing their due date to help prepare their body for labour. Some women find it more difficult to adapt to pregnancy, especially if they have suffered from ‘old’ back injuries or hypermobility. These women tend to need more regular sessions throughout their pregnancy to help keep them on track.

Is osteopathy safe during pregnancy?

Treatment is safe, gentle and can be very beneficial throughout all stages of pregnancy. We are more than happy to answer as many questions as you may have, and take great care to make sure you understand what we would like to treat and why, and that you are comfortable with the treatment. There is absolutely no proven link between osteopathic treatment and an increased incidence of miscarriage.

Chantal was excellent at all the stages through my pregnancy and even explained that I could still have treatment even in my final days of being pregnant

Having been going to Chantal for a while before my pregnancy it felt natural to continue whilst my body changed to grow my beautiful daughter. Chantal was excellent at all the stages through my pregnancy and even explained that I could still have treatment even in my final days of being pregnant. When getting treated she understood every slight problem I had and even my existing ones pre pregnancy. She treated my differing symptoms each time which was a great relief for myself and my body. She was a great help to keep my body functioning well even in times of pain throughout my pregnancy. I would totally recommend anyone to get treated while pregnant and would highly recommend Chantal being the one to do it. Thank you Chantal.

Emma Turner

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