Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage focuses on stretching and relaxing facial, neck, cranial and shoulder muscles, easing the daily aches and pains caused by stress, whilst the mind gently drifts into a relaxed state. Not only does it promote strong, healthy and shiny hair, it also stimulates the body’s natural powers to heal itself.

Indian Head Massage has been practised for thousands of years by the women of India and Indian barbers. However, in England therapists offer a more westernised form of Indian Head Massage in order to concentrate the treatment on specific areas of stress; such as the neck, shoulders, upper back, upper arms, face and head. A longer treatment of 45 minutes also includes the hands and lower arms.

What to expect

You either lie down or sit in a chair; this is the patient’s choice. You remove your outer layer of clothing, such as jumpers/cardigans and then you are wrapped in a towel, so massage oils can be used without staining your clothes. Your therapist works on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face using a variety of movements (both relaxing and invigorating) to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint mobility. All treatments can have a combination of pure essential oils added at no extra charge.

What can Indian Head Massage help treat?

After a course of treatments with Chantal she is more like her old self, acting like a much younger dog

Maddy is a nine year old Boxer and began to have difficulty walking, a common problem that effects Boxers at her age. However, after a course of treatments with Chantal she is more like her old self, acting like a much younger dog… even chasing squirrels again even though she can never catch them.
Maddy no longer needs her pain medication and we are very pleased with the considerable improvement in her health and general wellbeing after her course of treatment with Chantal.


J.L & W.T. Fuller