Training & Regulations

You can be confident your osteopath at East Sussex Osteopaths has the highest level of training and expertise and will provide a safe and effective diagnosis and treatment for you.

In 1993 the Osteopaths Act was passed by Parliament which recognised and regulated the profession. Therefore, the title ‘osteopath’ is protected by law. It is against the law for anyone to call themselves an osteopath in the UK, unless they are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which sets and promotes high standards of competency, conduct and safety. In addition, osteopaths may choose to be members of The Institute of Osteopathy and The International Association of Animal Therapists if they treat animals.

For an osteopath to maintain registration annually, the General Osteopathic Council checks each osteopath has a current professional indemnity insurance, remain in good health and of good character, and have met their mandatory continuing professional development requirements.

The importance of this regulation provides patients the same assurances and protection as those given by doctors and dentists. Osteopaths are recognised by the NHS as Allied Health Professionals and play a critical role in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people of all ages.

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends manual therapy, such as that provided by osteopaths as part of a package of care for low back pain. Osteopaths are trained to assess, provide treatment and management advice for this.

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