Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is a well-established, non-intrusive complementary health therapy that aims to re-balance the body through the stimulation of specific points/reflexes on the feet and hands. Reflexologists believe the feet and hands act as a miniature map of the body and when these reflexes are stimulated, a response can take place in the corresponding body parts. With approximately 7000 nerve endings in our feet, a reflexology treatment, can energise the entire body, relax us or encourage deep sleep.

There can be many explained and unexplained issues that cause unexplained infertility, repeated miscarriages, low sperm count and underlying health issues that may affect fertility. However, the natural fertility and preconception care charity ‘Foresight’ often recommends reflexology treatments can be beneficial along with advice on nutrition, allergies, intolerance’s and supplements.

Reflexology is generally considered safe to be used in conjunction with conventional medicines and is suitable for all age groups. Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

What to expect

On the first visit a case history will be taken. Questions regarding medical background, current health and lifestyle will be asked. If appropriate, treatment will then be conducted.

The treatment itself is usually relaxing and consists of a variety of techniques applied by the practitioner’s thumbs and fingertips to the reflex points over the patients feet/ankles or hands. This is performed with the application of massage wax, talcum powder, cream or oil.

Occasionally patients report some tender points however, nothing should be painful. Individual reactions to reflexology greatly vary, to gain the most from your treatment it is advisable to relax after the treatment and drink plenty of water. Depending on the desired outcome of the treatment, the therapist may recommend a course of treatments.

(If trying to get pregnant, we believe to gain the greatest benefits, both partners should ideally receive treatments.)

Can Reflexology help me?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that works differently on every individual, so it is not possible to predict individual reactions to treatments. The theory of reflexology is to help restore the body’s natural balance. Reflexologists do not claim to cure diagnose or prescribe.

Reported benefits of Reflexology

Overdue delivery

When a pregnancy delivery is overdue and induction is imminent, a reflexology treatment may relax and reduce stress and anxiety of the mother thereby, possibly speeding up the arrival of a natural delivery.

My neck felt altogether more comfortable and I am now playing golf without any pain at all.

I have always loved and played sport. Alas due to the passing of time I now only play golf so the exercise I take on the golf course is very precious to me. I have suffered from time to time with neck and back problems and recently my back was causing quite sharp pain and was threatening to ruin my games of golf. When I visited Chantal she soon told me from where the pain was coming and I started the first of four treatments. After the four treatment sessions my neck felt altogether more comfortable and I am now playing golf without any pain at all. Chantal adopts a totally honest approach to her work. She advised me that at least four sessions of treatment would be needed and that after the sessions my neck area could be a little sore. Four sessions did the trick and I am now enjoying my golf again. I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal to sports enthusiasts or to anyone with neck problems.

Michael de St Croix

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