Pregnancy Massage

The Pregnancy Massage involves elongated flowing massage strokes that help improve circulation and can ease aches and pains during pregnancy. Recent studies have also shown massage helps to improve the health of the mother by lowering blood pressure. For our skilled practitioners to be able to conduct pregnancy massages, they have undertaken specialist training with an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and obtained a high level of qualification to ensure treatment is safe for both mother and baby.

What to Expect

On the first visit, a case history will be conducted to attain information about the pregnancy, any symptoms the mother may be suffering from and general medical history. This enables our massage therapists to tailor make each session to the client’s individual needs and enables a suitable treatment plan to be devised.

Typically, the mum will lie on the treatment table supported by pillows, in either loose-fitting clothing or partly undressed (covered with towels). The practitioner uses oil, lotion or massage wax (all organic and of the highest quality available) and conducts long strokes, kneading techniques, deep circular movements and many more techniques to ensure the massage leaves them feeling relaxed, refreshed and at peace with the world.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Cannot recommend her enough! Super professional and extremely good at her job!!!

Chantal is amazing! Literally all our family – myself, my husband, son, my dog, mum, dad,and their dog have all been! Cranial for my newborn son was SO amazing I cannot even explain! After quite a traumatic birth Chantal managed to help him with pain he was getting in his neck and shoulder that I had no idea about- he was like a different baby..he actually slept. Cannot recommend her enough! Super professional and extremely good at her job!!!

Sophie Jupp-Cockill