The importance of posture and how to maintain a good posture!


A healthy posture is being able to create a balanced and stable foundation for your body in relation to gravity whilst sitting, standing, or lying down. Having a healthy posture will benefit your overall health in many ways. 

The main benefit of having a good posture is reduced or next to no back pain! 

Back pain affects 25% of the working population, it is caused by slouching when sitting and becoming less active as we age. As a result this puts unnecessary pressure on the discs, ligaments and muscles in our spine’s.

Other benefits include increased energy! When you have poor posture the blood flow to your muscles and joints is reduced, making you feel tired and stiff. 

Your body needs the oxygen and nutrients from your blood to reach the cells to help your body to function perfectly.

It will also impact your confidence. Having good posture impacts how our mind functions, this is because when we stand tall we feel empowered and like we can conquer anything. Also not having back/joint pain makes carrying out day to day tasks easier.

If you do suffer from poor posture and would like to come and see one of our team members to help get you back on the road of good posture, then please contact us to book an appointment. 

Here are some excellent daily exercises to help with your posture!

High Plank

The high plank will help to relieve pain and stiffness all over whilst also helping to strengthen your shoulders, hamstrings and glutes. It can also help improve balance and strengthen your core and back. 

Isometric Pulls

This exercise is working your shoulders, arms and your back muscles to help straighten them so good posture can be maintained. 

Forward Fold

The forward fold will help to release stress on your spine, glutes and hamstrings by standing and then stretching your back. It will also stretch your legs and hips.

Cat-Cow Stretch

This exercise will relieve tension on your shoulders, neck and torso and will encourage blood circulation and increase spinal movement.


If any soreness or pain arises when trying these exercises, please stop doing them and contact a healthcare professional if the symptoms persist. 

Happy stretching! 

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