Laser Therapy for Animals

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that promotes rapid healing by enhancing cell recovery. It can be applied to any pet, and we particularly focus on horses, dogs and cats.

Also known as LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) this treatment can prevent scar tissue from forming and helps reduce inflammation.

The laser we use at East Sussex Osteopaths offers a high level of versatility as it penetrates deeper into the muscle than other laser options, meaning more of cells have the chance to benefit.

Our therapists are highly trained and have been offering this treatment for the past 5 years. We adhere to strict laser safety standards when treating your pet.


How does laser therapy work?

Our laser therapy system uses light as a tool to heal. Beams of photons (light waves) are targeted deep into tissues and joints without causing any damage or side-effects.

The photons are then absorbed by the mitochondria of the cells, inducing a chemical change, known as ‘photo-bio-modulation’, producing an energy-carrying molecule called ATP. This is the fuel that cells need to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

Because damaged tissue does not make ATP at the optimum rate, laser therapy provides the boost they need to kick-start the healing process. This helps to quickly reduce pain and inflammation from the affected area for up to 3 days after treatment.


Is it right for my pet?

If your pet is suffering from inflammation or muscle soreness then laser therapy could help.

Similarly pets who have recently had operations can benefit from this treatment by preventing scar tissue forming and increasing the speed at which they heal.

Laser therapy can help a wide variety of conditions – you can see a list of common conditions that can be treated here: [link to website page].


What to expect from the treatment

The laser is applied to your pets skin (no fur needs to be clipped) using a moveable headpiece that allows the osteopath to precisely deliver the treatment.

If appropriate your osteopath will also combine the laser with hands-on treatment, which may help increase the benefits.

Your pet should feel comfortable during the treatment and as their pain is almost instantly relieved  any anxiety should ease.


What should I do now?

If your pet is in pain you should speak to one of our registered osteopaths to see how we can help. Treatments are pet-specific and we will build a unique treatment plan for them.

Please be aware that before treatment can take place we must have the consent of your vet. If you would like your pet to undergo laser therapy please ask your vet to fill out the Veterinary Consent Form found here.

If you would like to claim back your treatments from your pet insurers please check with your provider before treatment commences. The vast majority of insurance companies are happy for a pet to be treated by a registered osteopath holding a valid licence.

You can book an appointment for laser therapy online here.

You can now book appointments and buy vouchers online!