One stretch to improve your posture

Poor posture whilst sitting or standing can eventually begin to affect your muscle strength and length. The muscles in the back of your neck and trunk can lengthen and weaken, while the muscles in the front of your neck, chest, shoulders, and abdomen stiffen and shorten (think text neck and hunched shoulders). 

We then see a snowball effect which perpetuates bad posture, since your body finds comfort in a position it’s become familiar in. The good news is that it’s not too late to correct and prevent any changes to your posture.

The wall angel is a highly effective and simple exercise that can be performed easily at home, whatever your age or mobility level. It requires no equipment and can be modified to meet you exactly where you are in your mobility journey. 

Benefits of the wall angel

To perform the whe wall angel, find a clear wall (enough space to stand with arms outstretched). Alternatively you can do this lying down on the floor with your knees bent, if you feel more comfortable – the below step by step instructions will still apply. This exercise should be performed slowly and the aim is to strengthen your rhomboid muscles between your shoulder blades.


Give this exercise a go, we can’t wait to see and hear your results!

If you need more support or are in pain, contact your osteopath who can create your own treatment and exercise plan.

*It is likely you will not be able to flatten your entire back to the wall due to the natural curvature of your spine. Take care not to force any movements that are not within your range of motion.

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