Why we recommend osteopathy after giving birth

After pregnancy, your body has to work harder to look after your new baby as well as recovering itself. You will be doing a lot more regular bending, lifting and carrying of your little one. Osteopathy treatment can help support your body during this lovely but physically demanding time. We also offer postural advice on feeding, holding and lifting your baby to help keep you as healthy as possible and so you can avoid straining your body.

How can osteopathy help with postpartum recovery?

Osteopathy is an effective way to assess and treat common postpartum conditions. Treatment will also help to promote optimum recovery and help to prevent problems worsening or presenting in the future, due to unresolved issues.
Your osteopath will help to make the everyday demands of motherhood pain free. So carrying your baby as well as the repetitive actions such as lifting your baby and getting up and down from the floor will be made much easier through a rebalancing of your body.
Osteopathy can also help to harmonise your nervous system, improve sleep and help to balance the endocrine (hormone) system. 

How soon can I see an osteopath after giving birth to my baby?

We recommend you consult an osteopath as early as you feel comfortable travelling to your clinic, following the birth of your baby. Osteopathy is especially beneficial if you have a difficult labour and birth, to help recovery and to prevent problems as quickly as possible.
If you have an uncomplicated delivery, we recommend a postpartum check-up between 4-6 weeks to help support you during this time.

What if I’ve had a C section?

If you’ve had a caesarean birth, please get in touch, even if your scar is “fresh”.
Your osteopath will not work on the scar directly but will promote healing by working the tissues around your abdomen. C-sections cause scar tissue on the uterus and pelvic tissues. Releasing adhesions and mobilising the scar tissue can help to alleviate low back and pelvic pain. This is important for your comfort and mobility as well as future reproductive health, fertility and successful latter vaginal births.
Be sure to make time for your own healing and self care during your postpartum period. A happy Mother after all, means a happy baby. 
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