Women and weights… Our top 10 benefits of weight training

Strength training is one of the best things you can do for your body and yet so few women lift weights, with just an estimated 20% of women regularly training. Remember it’s not about ‘bulking up’ but about building strength and toning your body.

Hitting the gym is by no means essential for this type of training, and it doesn’t even have to involve weights! All you need is a little space at home, props like stairs, chairs, tins and resistance bands are a great way to enhance your strength training. 

Here are our 10 reasons we recommend weight training to all women

  1. Minimised risk of developing osteoporosis. Lifting weights encourages the bones to absorb more calcium and other mineral salts that keep bones strong
  2. Boosts metabolism since there is a direct link with muscle mass and metabolic rate
  3. Reduced risk of diabetes. Weight training helps maintain a healthy metabolic rate, which improves your body’s ability to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure at a healthy level. It also reduces your likelihood of becoming insulin resistant since it lowers your body fat which is a key contributor to type 2 diabetes. 
  4. Helps combat age related muscle loss. According to a US poll, inactive adults experience a muscle loss between 3-8 percent every decade. Through weight training, your metabolism can be maintained, minimising muscle loss. 
  5. Less risk of injury as muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones are all strengthened when you weight train. The production of collagen – the primary fibre of connective tissue, is strengthened, making bones less fragile and muscles stronger. 
  6. Helps to protect the heart. Scientists have proved that lifting weights can protect and improve the health of the heart including heart rate variability, heart muscle strength, and endurance.
  7. Relieves stress, improves sleep. Exercise helps to alleviate stress and the repetition in weight training can help to clear your mind and lower anxiety. You’ll sleep better after a physical workout whilst your body will reap the benefits of rebuilding muscle tissue as you rest.
  8. Better posture, less weight on your joints and reduced hip and back pain. With increased bone and muscle strength, slouching is not so easy!
  9. Burns more fat and calories and boosts energy. Every fibre in your muscles will be busy converting food into usable energy, which helps you to burn fat and reduces inflammation in the body, plus you’ll need to eat more to sustain that energy so you can say goodbye to unhealthy food restrictions!
  10. Add curves to your body. Achieve the right amount of muscle in the right places, toning and giving shape to your body. 

Your Osteopath can give you the go ahead if you’re new to weight training by helping to alleviate any physical issues which may hinder your ability to exercise correctly.  Specific exercises can be given and we even work with personal trainers where necessary. 

We’ve only scratched the surface with the health benefits of weight training for women, not to mention that it’s been scientifically proven that you’ll live longer for it too!!