Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Who would have thought that musculo-skeletal injuries can occur just from sitting down all day?! Unfortunately, this is all too common in patients who have an office job and do not have their desk set up correctly. This leads to aches and pains, injury, fatigue and lowers productivity.

East Sussex Osteopaths recommends the following office set up to reduce strain on the body and make a working environment more comfortable:

Although your employer should endeavour to create the best work station to suit your needs, it is ultimately your responsibility to utilise this properly and look after yourself. To enhance your posture, further improve circulation and reduce fatigue, try incorporating some of the stretches on the videos page of our website. If you are experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain, contact the clinic and we will see if a structural osteopathy treatment is appropriate, where you will also get more tips on healthier working.

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